About Sofia Monzerratt


Sofia (not sophia) Monzerratt, is a human artist who loves to calmly elude the endless black hole of innovative self-existential calamities by transmuting them into meaningful storytelling and visual expressions. She was born and raised in the Andes mountains located in a small yet very beloved country called Venezuela. Now based in New York City since 2015. 

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Monzerratt's carrier ultimate goal is to accurately reveal and transport fractions of her inner world onto the screen, as well as to connect to as many individuals as possible through her work. To take a dip into her audience's world and to plant a seed into their inspirations via films and different types of visual expression.

The primary goal in every project is to create content that resonates with the audience not only in a superficial manner but in a deeper, creative and even psychological sense.


Sofia's films and photographs have been nominated and won several awards. Her film work has been nominated for festivals such as Cannes (World Film Festival), Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, Indie Short Fest and many more.

She has also taken home several wins and nominations as Director of Photography for other filmmaker's projects that she has happily worked on. 

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